My Not So Political Rant….



Okay, so last week was Election Tuesday and as much as I try not to get into politics, I do want to take a post to brag on my children for a minute.

First of all: ROOTY came home from school and this is what she said.

R: Mom, did you know that elephants are right winged and donkeys are left winged?

M: Yes, I did.

R: Mom have you really ever seen a Donkey or Elephant with wings?

That was the extent of our politic talk.  But she did at least know who was running and I tried to tell her briefly the about the two main candidates. And for First grade I found that pretty advanced. We do find ourselves reading Barack O’bama’s, Of Thee I Sing, A Letter To My Daughters book a lot before we go to bed.  Mostly because it does have a very good message of what America was founded on and that is really what I like to instill in my daughters. Below are two of my favorite pages in the book.

Have I told you that America is made up of people of every kind?
People of all races, religions, and beliefs. People from the coastlines and the mountains. People who have made bright lights shine by sharing their unique gifts and giving us the courage to lift one another up, to keep up the fight, to work and build upon all that is good in our nation.

Have I told you that you are part of a family?
A man named Abraham Lincoln knew that all of America should work together. He kept our nation one and promised freedom to enslaved sisters and brothers. This man of the people, simple and plain, asked more of our country-that we behave as kin.


Second of All:  COW’s election day.  She came home form school with an extra credit assignment for her to do with her parents.  First of all let me say, I have never told my kids how to vote. I express to them the importance of voting and how we had to fight as women to have that right.  I tell them they should do their research and vote with who they side with more and as long as they can back up their vote as to why they voted that way, that’s all I could ask for.  So, the extra credit was to visit with your parents and discuss it while you do it.  This website was pretty fantastic.  It listed the main political issues up for debate.  You would answer with Yes I side with, no, I don’t side with or other and a place to explain.  Then you can weigh it out to the side as to what the importance of that issue is to you.  At the end of the survey it tells you by percentage which candidate you would side with more based off of your answers. This was great I truly enjoyed doing this with my thirteen year old, it made me realize that I am raising a very independent thinking, non-prejudice, and passionate hippie child.  (Yes!!! That made this mama happy.) Below is a little of her reasoning to me.


C: Mom, this is very touchy when we discuss this at school. I have thought it over for a long time.  You could have had one with me and so could Nana with you and I am really glad that neither one of you did.  And I don’t think that I could ever have one. However, it is a choice given to women  and people have fought for this right.  So I don’t think it needs to be taken away.  I think it should be an option for girls within the given time limits and maybe it could be regulated more, but I don’t think I myself would ever have one.  But would it be America if we took it away?


C: Mom, I really don’t think this should be such a big thing.   I think it could really help the country out.

M: Really?  Please tell me.

C: Well, if it was legal it would sell.  Just like tobacco, alcohol, and lottery does.  They could tax it more and the US Government could use that to pay off some of the debt.  It would create jobs for farmers.  Plus from all of the stuff we have seen in our health class over drugs, weed just slows you down.  I would much rather be on the road with someone high than drunk and driving fast.  Mom, not saying that I would smoke weed, but it does make sense and don’t we have bigger issues than this to fight?

She is 13 and she gets it!!! So I had to email the results of the survey to her Social Studies teacher and I told him all of this.  He emailed me back thanking me for taking the time to do this with my child and discussing with her the different issues.  He said in his class he never tells them how to vote just as long as they do their research.  COW then said at school that he said that he really liked her points that she made with her mom.  She goes to a pretty great school with pretty amazing teachers!  I was just so proud of her for doing research and saying how she truly felt about all of the issues.  Made my inner hippie mama heart happy!

COW and I doing our extra credit homework

Her results….

Her and her friend working their student polls and dressed for their Veterans Assembly


A Pretty Amazing Day Cutting Work



On September 27th, 2012 I was lucky enough to be invited to a Rangers day game at the Arlington Stadium.  My vendor had told me it was a suite but little did I know what this would entail.  The day before I was sick at home with food poisoning and pretty sure I was going to die.  But I did not want to miss this opportunity, so I sucked it up and went.  Plus, after 24+ hours of not eating and throwing up, you feel really skinny and why wouldn’t I want to take advantage of being out with my clothes fitting a little bit better?


So I leave work at 11:30 and head for the Ballpark at Arlington (one of my favorite ballparks) I get to the stadium and my vendor meets me with my ticket.  We get on the private elevator and head up. We get all situated in the suite (Mike Renfro‘s suite).  There are tons of food and drinks, but coming off of my food poisoning I didn’t know if a hot dog was my best option.  So I pick a beer and grab a seat. (It seemed so much more logical…liquid diet.) We get past the first inning and I look over to the suite to my left.  Holy Baseballs Batman!!!  I was sitting next to the Rangers Suite.


Now, I have been in the baseball scene.  I have been in the sports scene.  My degree is Sports Management and if I wasn’t so tired of school I would have gone onto law school and became a female Scott Boras.  So sports is my true passion.  I have kicked butt the last four years in Fantasy Football, I get asked to play in all of the business golf tournaments because they get to use my drives, and my favorite date is to the sports bar on College Football Saturday or Masters Sunday. (And I have continued to still like guys while liking all of these things.  Some of you might get that. 🙂 ) With all this being said I usually don’t get star struck too bad.  But for some reason I did this day.  Why you ask?  Because I wasn’t just sitting next to the Rangers Suite, I was sitting next to Jon Daniels, the General Manager of the Texas Rangers.


Jon Daniels was hired at the age of 28, and at that time and still is the youngest GM in MLB Baseball.  I found myself watching him more than the game itself.  Here he is a year older than me and he manages a whole baseball organization. I can’t even manage my checking account most of the time.  He watched the game with his shoes off, shirt untucked, and his black Men In Black shades…He looked every bit of 16.  As I sat there and watched him for all 9 innings, I could see his mind never pausing.  I could imagine what all was going through his head.  After the game was over and the Rangers won, I went up to him and asked him for a picture.  He said of course and then came over and stood close to me.  I said to him, “You do know I am probably the only girl in this stadium that even knows or cares who you are right?”  He looked at me and said, “You are probably right about that.” and chuckled.  We hung around for a little while after this to let the crowd clear and so I could text a pic to all my guy friends that would even know who he was.  It was a pretty fantastic day! I wasn’t in the office, I was watching baseball, and I got to meet a person that I would trade places with in a heartbeat.  (Well, maybe just for a day, I really enjoy being at the ballpark, his job would make it work.)

Below are some pictures of that day and some other pictures from trip to the ballpark this year.  I love that place!

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Jappy Birthday to Me!!!!



Okay, because it has been awhile since I had a random list.  Why not do one today over my birthday…right?  By the way…I didn’t misspell Happy, I am pretty sure that is how you would spell it in Spanish. Jajajajaja


  • Morning started out kind of like, well like I was feeling my age.
  • I spoke to a family member of mine for 20 minutes and she never mentioned my bday….I think she had no clue. Ha
  • My mini’s took me to the zoo yesterday for my birthday.  I really think that they wanted an excuse for me to take them.  It worked.
  • They told me they wanted me to feel better about being 34 by seeing 100-year-old elephants.  Logical.
  • My mom is in Disney World for my birthday.  Seriously?  She rubs it in by sending a pic of Tigger holding up a Happy Birthday sign.  I almost forgave her for being at Disney World without us.
  • Did I mention I am doing an Advocare 24 Day challenge?
  • Did I mention doing the 24 Day Challenge while having a birthday was not one of my best ideas?
  • One of my favorite parts of my birthday every year is when my grandparents call and harmonize “Happy Birthday” over the phone.
  • Last year a co-worker told me that Jesus died at age 33, so he hoped I had a better year that Jesus did.  Well, at least I didn’t end up being crucified…at least literally anyway.  But nothing as amazing as a resurrection happened this year. So…comse comsa.
  • I learned my minimum wheelhouse dating age today.  24!! Watch out college campuses! (your age / 2 + 7) Thank you Cosmo!
  • Today while I was in a meeting, one of the engineers I work with saw it was my birthday on FB and came into the meeting of 20 singing “Happy Birthday”.  Not so harmonized. :-/


  • I think the best part about Facebook is the Birthday reminder function.
  • I signed up for my first 5k today.  Apparently, I am not getting wiser with age.
  • I figure one truly hits cougar status at the age of 35.  I am considering the next 365 days as “puma in training”.
  • Did you know that Swanson started selling TV dinners on September 10th, 1953.  I think I have one of the first ones in my freezer right now and only bought it yesterday.
  • I made a funny today and did not mean to…One of the engineers (in the above meeting) today mentioned that he rode a Southwest Airline Flight back from Midland last week and Laura Bush and her entourage was aboard.  One person said, I didn’t figure the Bush’s would fly Southwest.  Not thinking I said, “bags fly free!”  Laughter ensued BIG TIME.
  • On this date in 1935, “Popeye” was heard on the radio for the first time.  I bet that was a thrill.  I can only image Olive Oil’s voice over the static-y radio waves.
  • 1998 – U.S. President Clinton met with members of his Cabinet to apologize, ask forgiveness and promise to improve as a person in the wake of the scandal involving Monica Lewinsky.  This one still makes me chuckle. Jajaja But she did have a great looking beret.
  • In 1990, I got to hear for the very first time …”In West Philadelphia born and raised. In playground is where I spent most of my days.”
  • I happen to share my birthday with Randy Johnson who was known as “The Unit” and could take out a bird with a single pitch. Video here.
  • I also share my birthday with two very smart men, Guy Ritchie and Ryan Phillippe.  They are both known for marrying much more famous women than they ever dreamed of being.  Kudos guys.  Maybe now you could write a book over your skills.

    So, this is a list of things from today and this date in history.  If you haven’t noticed by now, I am one of the more notable happenings on this date in history. Well, the frozen dinner might be a very close second. Jajaja  I am leaving you with a picture of me and my mini’s from a photo booth yesterday (I never pass one up.)  Here is to my last 365 days of being a “puma in training”. Cheers!















200 Things – Part 2


This is the other 100…I didn’t want to overwhelm. 🙂

  1. If your running late and don’t have time to wash your hair, dab baby powder into the roots.
  2. Make sure you use the lotion to prevent stretch marks when you are pregnant.
  3. Always keep your nails clean.
  4. We all hate the dentist, but it’s a fact of life. Go every 6 months.
  5. Get you a hot eye doctor. It will help you strain a little bit harder when he is pointing at the  eye chart.
  6. There is no bad seat at a sporting event… are there aren’t you?
  7. JR’s cheese grits and smoked wings are pretty legit.
  8. Just because I haven’t had much luck on the marriage front doesn’t mean you are cursed.  Just do things differently than I did and make sure the guy deserves you.
  9. When dating a guy, always be thinking if you could get along with his family. In laws are a lot to get used too.
  10. Sometimes saying nothing is the right thing.
  11. Don’t text important conversations. Sometimes it’s good to pick up the phone and hear it.
  12. Stay off of the pole and never own clear heels.
  13. There is a time in life where renting is a very liable option.
  14. If on a first date you can talk for hours and hours with nothing physical….that is a huge plus.
  15. Honesty is always the best policy….unless you are asked your weight or your age.
  16. Always look older when you’re younger and younger when you’re older.
  17. Work as a cheer cart girl at a really great golf course. It opens a ton of doors, you get great tips, and you and your mom can take advantage of your discounts.
  18. Bubble baths are the best way to unwind. Wine and chocolates kick it up a notch.
  19. Snow cones, flip-flops and longer evenings are the best things about summer.
  20. Always keep a place close (in phone or notebook) for things ideas you don’t want to forget.
  21. Fajita nachos are an easy pleasing meal for a group.
  22. Don’t use sun in or lemon on your hair in the summer. Usually turns brunettes red.
  23. Always try to work (in hs, college, and life) it makes you feel good about your self and gets you out in social situations.
  24. Be careful what you put on face book or on social networks. Know your audience.
  25. Chance of meeting a guy in a bar and it working out is very slim.
  26. Stay the heck away from politic talk…unless you are running or a campaign manager.
  27. Try not to watch the news. Especially if you live alone. They will freak your freak.
  28. You don’t have to own a gun if you live in a city. Mace and a 7 iron work too.
  29. Time is money.
  30. Security is very much worth the price.
  31. A cleaning lady is a good thing to have…if you can afford it.
  32. Live a simple, happy enjoyable life. Bells and whistles get expensive.
  33. When the guy at the car wash asks you if you want the pretty girl special, always say yes. Of  course every girl is getting the same special, it just makes you feel good.
  34. Be thick skinned until you go home…then let the crocodile tears fall.
  35. Life itself has enough drama. Don’t add more to it.
  36. Always offer your daughters the cash option when it comes time for cheerleader tryouts.
  37. Proceed with caution when wearing white pants.
  38. Words on the butt of pants…never a good idea.
  39. Never date a guy that wears cargo pants or crocs.
  40. A guy will appreciate you more if you give him his freedom. Just establish a trust.
  41. If you ever get a chance to work in a foreign country…do it! Seeing the world at another’s expense.
  42. Priceline is a great website to find hotels. They haven’t done me wrong yet.
  43. The drive to and from work is shorter if you’re talking to a friend the whole way.
  44. Make sure bangs are really what you want before you make the first cut.
  45. The three of us make the best team. We all bring different qualities and we all share the most important….love.
  46. You will never be too big to call me “mommy”.
  47. Don’t use too many smiley faces in texting. It can look unstable and excessive.
  48. Playing dumb is never cute….except when you have a money bet going and you want to through off your opponent.
  49. You will always crave Chic Fila on Sundays.
  50. The best job I have ever been handed is being your mom.
  51. Sometimes you just need to rock a tiara for the day.
  52. Celebrate birthday weeks. There is nothing wrong with adding a year of wisdom.
  53. Always respect your elders. Even if they blantly know nothing.
  54. Best part of having girls….open closet policy.
  55. Always splurge for good hair product.
  56. You will never be too big for me not to scratch your back as you go to sleep.
  57. Nothing makes me happier then when the two of you get spooked and you both end up in my bed and we watch cartoons until the spook is forgotten.
  58. Pick your battles. If you decide it’s worth fighting for, fight fair and tough.
  59. Retail therapy is a viable source of therapy.
  60. Always alot money in your budget for travel.
  61. Chances are very slim that you will end up being “what you want to be when you grow up”.
  62. When at the zoo, take time to read the information boards about the animals, you might learn something.
  63. If you want to keep people at work out of your food, label it with random letters or random diseases…they won’t touch it.
  64. Don’t ever name your daughters after a state or anything that could double as a stripper’s name.
  65. Always get an OBGYN with small hands. You will thank me later.
  66. When you are in your late teens and you think you need birth control for your acne or bad periods….tell me the truth, I wasn’t born yesterday.
  67. Don’t ever get in hot tubs that you aren’t fore sure who has been in it before you.
  68. Find you a good go to karaoke song….but nothing sad, keep it upbeat. You don’t want to be responsible for killing the party.
  69. Life is not always like the movies…if it were, we would watch life and not movies.
  70. Never take candy from a man in a creepy white van sitting outside of a park or school.
  71. You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself.
  72. Nothing cuter than elderly couples holding hands. Nothing sicker than them playing tonsil hockey.
  73. Start a blog.  Even if the only readers are a few close family members and your friends (mostly just to make sure you aren’t talking bad about them).
  74. I won’t always be the one you are most happy with, but I will always be on your side and your safety is very important to me.
  75. Ordering pizza online for it to be delivered to your door 20 minutes later…one of life’s gifts.
  76. Kissing is fantastic!
  77. Nothing you could ever do will make me not love you.
  78. I love you more today than yesterday and not near as much as I will love you tomorrow.
  79. Everyday you make me proud to be your mom.
  80. Give up is not an attitude that this family accepts.
  81. My life was forever changed and made whole the day both of you were born.
  82. Always keep your clothes picked up out of the bathroom and bedroom floors.
  83. Always wash your dishes after you dirty them.  Much easier to clean up.
  84. The best part of Vegas…sitting by the Bellagio fountains at night people watching with the sky filled with bright shinny lights.
  85. Always splurge for a Cirque performance in Vegas.
  86. Never pass up really great dessert.
  87. Take meds with soda….the carbonation helps the meds enter your blood stream faster.
  88. Live a life with no regrets.
  89. Don’t ever let your kids have their birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.
  90. Although the grass looks pretty, it’s not always the better choice. It could be turf.
  91. You have been very blessed.  Even when it is hard to see, your life is beyond blessed.
  92. Try to take a trip to a country where things are not as easy as they are here in the U.S.
  93. Through life you will find your sister will always be your best friend.
  94. Always realize the greatness of The Beatles and how they are a universal band.  All countries sang their songs.
  95. Don’t save your drama for your mama, cause I don’t do it either.
  96. When you have a campfire going, you can put pieces of cut up water hose and copper in it to change its colors.
  97. Good rule of thumb is to always overdress for the occasion if you are not sure.
  98. Remember always no matter where life relocates us, we are always looking at the moon and sun.
  99. Always keep a strong sense of humor.  Life is so much easier with one.
  100. Your mom will always be there…and she will always be your #1 fan.


Thank you Little Boy Green.


Okay, so I promise I have been writing this summer.  Or I like to call it more of a creative brainstorming during life’s little commercial breaks.  The one creative list I have been working on all summer I have wanted to post, but just didn’t know when or how I should do it.  

Well, it all came to me tonight as I took ROOTY to the movies to see “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”.  The movie was cute.  And for those of you that have not yet seen it, I promise I won’t ruin it for you.  The basic synopsis is that this couple can’t have a baby so they write down all the qualities that they want in a child and bury it in the back yard.  Well, the kid comes out with leaves on his legs and as much as I want to tie that part into this blog, I won’t just incase you haven’t seen it.  

You see this summer I have been working on a list of 200 things I want to make sure I tell or teach my girls.  Things from basic knowledge to little life lessons.  I have “burried” them into my box and plan to look at it often to make sure I am making any headway.  Then when they get to an age where I think I have tought them most of the items on the list, I will give them a copy of it. (Mostly so when I get old and crazy they can take the list to the doctor and prove that I have always been that crazy.)  

So, here it is…I am breaking it up into two posts.  I don’t want to officially overwhelm you.

200 Things I want to make sure I teach my girls….. 

  1. Happy girls are by far the prettiest.
  2. Sometimes sware words are necessary in getting your point across.
  3. A smile is the best accessory for any outfit.
  4. Nothing clears your head better than a long drive with a great play list.
  5. Music is your best memory book.
  6. Remember the smells of your favorite perfumes.
  7. Never give any of your work issued vacation days up. Use them.
  8. Don’t get a store credit card just to save 10% on a purchase when you open it.
  9. No man on earth should ever love you more than you should love yourself.
  10. Sometimes a trip to the mall for the sole purpose of an ICEE and a cookie is worth it.
  11. A “Sex And The City” marathon is always good for rainy weekends
  12. Tanning topless is very liberating and you get no tan lines
  13. Don’t only see things as black and white….gray is a really great color too.
  14. You can fall in love with a rich man just as easy as falling in love with a poor one.
  15. A cute pair of shoes is always a smart buy.
  16. Resolutions are easily broken.  So instead make a yearly to do list.
  17. Tan fat looks better than pale white fat
  18. Always look for resume builders.
  19. Network. Network. Network.
  20. Think of your life as a book and you are trying to make the bestseller list.
  21. Splurge on Coldplay tickets every time they are playing within 6 hours of where you are.
  22. A good pair of more expensive jeans are worth it.
  23. Eating establishments make the most money off of sodas. Order water. They hate it.
  24. Be the person that starts out trusting and trust until you are given a reason not to trust.
  25. Long hair and aviator shades are better than any age defying makeup.
  26. Always have you an updated bucket list that you are working on constantly.
  27. Don’t ever sit down on a port a potty and always carry germ x.
  28. Try to put your feet in the ocean as many times as you can.
  29. Watch the sunrise and sunset often.
  30. Don’t be afraid of change.  Jump on board and embrace it.
  31. Don’t believe hearsay, only believe it if you see it.
  32. See color in your world not in people.
  33. Look for the positive in EVERY situation.
  34. $1 hot dog nights at the ballpark are the best because it makes the beers more affordable.
  35. God gave girls boobs for a reason, use them.
  36. Always pick quality over quantity.
  37. Never pay full price for anything…believe me I buy stuff. 🙂
  38. Sometimes saying sorry is the only option you have.
  39. Try to sing in the shower every time you’re washing your hair.
  40. Always wear flip-flops in hotel rooms.
  41. When at Disney World, always splurge for an on property hotel and a dining plan.
  42. Nothing hotter than a girl holding her own on the golf course in a tournament full of guys…
  43. Make sure you know how to play either tennis or golf.  Many business deals are made with both.
  44. Take pictures. Take lots of pictures.
  45. On your wedding, it’s all about you and your new life. Don’t forget that and soak up the whole day.            Smells, sights, feels, and then pictures can fill in
  46. You can never has as much fun as to when you are dancing like nobody is watching while getting            ready to go out.
  47. Orange slices in summer beers are good.
  48. Patience is a virtue…don’t rush anything.
  49. There is a time and place in your life for you to have a dog.  In a dorm in college is not one of them.
  50. Always fight for what you believe is right. Don’t give in.
  51. Strive for the best…don’t settle for second.
  52. If a guy ever grabs your hand to dance in the middle of nowhere with no music anywhere….DO IT!
  53. Rain is a very good thing. Especially playing, dancing and kissing in it.
  54. Spontaneous get-aways keep life going.
  55. Surprises make life fun. You both were the best surprises.
  56. Always opt for a car with GPS and a sunroof.
  57. There is a purpose for comfy clothes and that is at home….not at work or an airplane.
  58. Tennis skirts and work out clothing are not everyday clothing. They have a purpose….use only for that purpose.
  59. Try putting butter on your brownie and salt on watermelon and cantaloupe
  60. Keep a safe distance from people you just met that are over the top and giddy. They very well could be fake.
  61. A 5-date rule is good rule of thumb.
  62. When having a baby…opt for a C-section. And let the nurses keep it overnight.
  63. And if you don’t want to nurse, that’s okay….they are your boobs. Neither of you were nursed.
  64. Being a Christian is not something you just talk about. You show it through everyday living.
  65. Never regret doing something that took a little out of you if you found out in the end it wasn’t something you would be interested in.
  66. When you have kids, utilize a babysitter for date nights and girls’ nights.
  67. Always stay around and enjoy the fireworks show.
  68. When riding a motorcycle, get off the same way you got on…and don’t wear a skirt.
  69. It’s always good to have a close friend that’s a guy. They will always tell you the truth. There is no competition. And you will find they will be one of your best cheerleaders.
  70. Sock buns are a simple easy remedy for a day your want to sleep in a bit
  71. No matter how late or tired you are, don’t wear your pj’s to your 8:00 college class.
  72. Tattoos are much better when you get it sober and keep it classy.
  73. Never pass up a photo booth.
  74. Sometimes a trip to the beach is worth more than years of therapy.
  75. Don’t ever date a guy with two first names.
  76. Guys with big trucks and lots of toys are usually trying to overcompensate for something else.
  77. If you’re going to party like a man (woman) you’re going to get up and work like a man (woman).
  78. Three things that are worth the higher price: coffee, foil, and seran wrap.
  79. Showing a whale tale is not attractive…ever.
  80. There is such an allergy of white wine and shellfish when you take at the same time.
  81. Learn sports and how to bet on them.
  82. Sex is an amazing thing. When it’s with the right person. When it’s with the wrong one, you will fill awful.
  83. 30 is by far my favorite decade. Embrace it!
  84. Peanut butter and bananas is the best waffle topping.
  85. There is not a book of life. No life ever would ever go by it and if you did, you wouldn’t want to live            that kind of life anyway.
  86. There is no hidden law saying you MUST live within a 60 mile radius of me…..airplanes pretty much go everywhere.
  87. If we ever go on a family vacation, I promise to make it YOUR vacation as well.
  88. Always make friends with the really smart kids. It can help you out in more ways than one.
  89. Never marry a guy that doesn’t speak English. Especially after only knowing him a few months.
  90. Never get with a guy that makes his toys and hobbies a priority and sees you as an option.
  91. A good nap is never wasted time.
  92. Never spend more than a fourth of your monthly income on a car payment.
  93. Blue eye shadow has never looked good on anybody.
  94. When the lottery gets high, play. Somebody’s got to win.
  95. When losing weight, water is a huge contributor.
  96. Giving back is a huge part of life…either monetary or physically.
  97. A good waxer and hair stylist that you trust is something girls should try to find. And when you do hold on to them for life.
  98. The best wedding present you can give is gift certificates for the couple a date night.
  99. Always paint a little area before you paint the whole room.
  100. Guys find glasses on girls very sexy.


H A P P Y E A S T E R !!!!!


Hope you are all had a wonderful day and enjoy your family as much as possible.

A friend of mine happened to have an opening on her Spring Celebrations and guess who was lucky enough to get in….ME & MY MINIS!!! I am so excited about these because although I take pictures of the girls all the time, I never get pictures of us altogether.  Go check out my friend’ Chelsea’s website sometime and show her some love.  I think she is pretty much amazing at capturing the true personalities of everyone she shoots.

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President’s Day….ROOTY’S Day o’ Fun!!!


So last week the kids had two days out of school for President’s Day. I however did not have off, so COW kept ROOTY for me.  When I got home ROOTY greeted me at the door and couldn’t wait to show me what she had done all day.  She goes to the computer and starts flipping through pictures and explaining everyone of them. I am going to try my best to write what she told me.  Check out the below…..


First off, after we woke up we went swimming in the ocean.  COW was scared of sharks, so she stayed on the beach.  Sometimes I had to move my head so i didn’t get hit by a big fish.

After we got out of the ocean, COW and I went on a hike.  We saw a waterfall.  I put my hands on my cheeks and screamed “I had no ideea that there were waterfalls here!”  I was so excited I decided to jump in and screamed the whole way down.
When we got done playing in the waterfall, we started walking and we found a beautiful beach.  I dived in!  COW didn’t because she was scraed again. Don’t worry mom, I hold my breath.
I swim so far, that I ended up in Paris.  I always wanted to go there and I didn’t know where I was swimming to.  I took a picture by the Eiffle Tower for you.  Mom can you put this on our Christmas Cards next year?  That way everybody can see that I had fun there. (I like the nice sweet french look.)
Then COW wanted to go back and take a nap.  So when she was asleep I decided to sneak out of the house without telling her.  I wanted to go somewhere else.  You know where I went?  I wanted to go to the moon.  So I jumped as high as I could and I went up through the clouds first.  They were so fun!  Except they kind of tickled my nose.  But I finally made it to the moon and I wanted to take a picture so that I can be like that other guy that had his picture on the moon with that flag.  (I asked why she didn’t have a suit) Because COW wouldn’t help me get it out of the top of my closet.
  (And yes, for this last picture she was standing in a rolling chair.  I’m glad she was well supervised.)
Mom, after all of this I was so tired.  I just wanted to come back home and take a nap until you got home.  It was so much fun today staying with COW.  But next time you should tell her to watch me more.  She stayed on her phone ALL DAY!!!  (I can’t wait for more days out of school and more photo journaling.  Maybe she is onto something with the whole Christmas Card idea. :))
**Major thanks to the amazing people at APPLE for realizing that if you make a user friendly computer, it can be the best activity for sparking creativity in a 6 year old.  All of these were done with the photo booth application on our iMac.  You APPLE people rock!!!! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


I am writing this post with a heart running over with love. And no, it’s not because I got tons of stuffed animals that sing goofy love songs, or boxes and boxes of chocolate or enough flowers to fill up my apartment.  I am full of love because this was a truly amazing day!!! From start to finish.  Let me fill you in.

Started out with taking COW to school at 6:30, I prepared and took my shower the night before, so I got to sleep in a little bit. (first joy of the day) Then came back home and got to get ROOTY ready for her valentine’s dance at her school.  We curled hair, put on makeup, and found our best pair of plastic heels. (second joy) I dropped her off at school and watched her walk in.  Then I went to get Strawberries for the party that began in 20 minutes. (shh! don’t tell the stay at home moms that I didn’t wash them. 🙂 )  Then I go to the Elementary school to take my strawberries and get my camera ready for the Valentine’s parade.

You see ROOTY had in her mind that she was going to parade down the halls on a float princess waving to everyone.  So her expectations might have been set a little high.  But she is 6 and isn’t that what you are supposed to do at that age?  (I wanted to be a bra model at age 6, maybe a little high.) Well, the parade is about to start and I have my camera ready.  They file out of the classroom in a single line….except ROOTY.  She is holding a hand of a little boy and guiding him through the hall.  Come to find out the little boy is the autistic child that visits there classroom half a day for integration.  ROOTY was escorting him down the halls and telling him who to wave at.  She told me later on that she held on to him because he gets scared with loud noises and crowds.  (third, fouth, and fifth joys).  Then we went into the dance and tea.  She sat at the table with some of the kids that aren’t as lucky as her.  There parents never get to come to partys and give them attention like she gets.  So she went up to them and asked if they would like for her mom to take picture of them in their pretty clothes (which were borrow from the teacher). I took lots of pictures of them and I am pretty sure that made there year. (sixth joy)

Next, I drive to work and hear over the radio that Khloe Kardashian will be across the street from my office the next morning.  I so want to be her friend, mostly for Mavs tickets, but I think we could totally hang out.  I brainstorm the rest of the way to work on what I could do to win over Khloe. Then it came to mind….I could ask my two balck guy friends to go with me…..they could act as bait.  You know how those Kardashian girls like the dark meat.  My two friends willingly agreed. (seventh joy)

Then all day I heard all the girls in my office gripeing as to what the significant others didn’t get them and I suddenly reached “perfectly lonely” status.  (eighth joy) I then am privalidged enough to watch COW’s last regular season basketball game.  It had been a very trying season due to poor coaching.  We suddenly ended up with a new coach and COW was back to her old self on the court tonight.  Playing with all of heart the whole game!! She loves that game and you can really tell when she plays.  And boy did she play!! She made a valentine three pointer too!!! (ninth joy)

Finally I got home and decided to get on facebook (which I have stopped because it wasted way too much of my time) and I got to see where one of my friends who had a son when she was younger, today was adoption day for her lucky little boy.  Her new husband got to make it legal today.  They are finally all one big happy family who all share the same last name. (tenth joy) And lastly, I got a text from my little cousin who is expecting and she lets me know the sex of the baby and the name they have already picked out.  They will be wonderful parents, that kid is already lucky.  (eleventh joy)  I told her that I was happy that the younger cousins were reproducing because I could finally retire my loins without feeling guilt. (twelth joy)

And the thirteenth joy…..COW gave me her Russell Stover marshmellow chocolate heart!!! Mostly because she hates marshmellow, but hey at least she gave it to me instead of throwing it away.

So…..that is my day in a nut shell.  I am sure there were more joys, but I just hit the high points. Hope you all had a great VD and remember….just because Hallmark has dedicated a day to it, that doesn’t mean you can only show love once a year.

My heart is super happy!!!!

Women are angels….


Women are angels that when their wings get bent, they pick up a broom and continue to fly…because women are flexible like that.

If I were to….



I might have bought a Lotto ticket tonight.  Don’t ask me why I do.  My track record is not real good with those things.  The way I see it is, if I don’t try then I have no room to complain about not winning it.  Plus, somebody has got to win….right?  I usually only play when I happen to be at a gas station. And it happens to be on the day of the drawing.  And I happen to have cash.  Which is VERY rarely!!! (I have kids remember?)

Here in the state I live in you can not use a credit/debit card to purchase tickets, however, they do accept “hot” checks.  But you are responsible for the 25.00 fee even is you have a losing tickets.  Classy I know! 🙂

So tonight was one of those nights.  I happened to be running out of gas.  It happened to be one the day of the drawing.  I happened to have cash.  And it happened to be a big jackpot.  So many things were lining up for me. HaHa!

On the way home, my girls saw the ticket and asked what it was. I explained to them that it was a lottery ticket for tonight’s drawing and that I think it would pretty much rock socks if we were to win the $46.5 million.  Of course Rooty answers back “Wow! We haven’t even got to that number in school yet!” 🙂 My next question to them was, “If we were to win this jackpot tonight, what is some of the first things you  think we should do with it?”

Well, COW answers first…”I would hope that we could buy out our apartment lease and get a new house with 3-4 bedrooms.  We would give some to the church to help them pay off the youth center.  We could pay off our car.  We could help out people who couldn’t afford Christmas.  Then we coud start a company that helped people in need. (I think she meant some sort of non-profit.) Oh and could I get a new pair of running shoes?”  Love her and her strong desire for athletic shoes. 🙂

Next up ROOTY….”We could get a house.  Go on vacation to Austin! (Little does she know that is the first place we would be going to claim our prize.) My mom could take lots of days off to spend with me.  Mom, if you won lots of money, could you stay at home and let me be a car rider instead of Kidzu (after school)?”  Love her and her strong desire to just stand on a curb outside of school and look for her mom’s car. 🙂

Yea, I pretty much have the best kids in the world.  As I thought back on their Lottery Wish Lists, I couldn’t help but smile.  I have some girls that aren’t asking for huge extravagant materialistic things, but yet things for others and time with family.  So in the end, I think I have already won the lottery.  Don’t get me wrong, the 47.5 million would be freaking amazing! But we are pretty fantastic just the way we are now. 🙂

Now what did I do with that Lotto ticket……